I'm Franklin Valerio, but everyone tells me Klin, my friends describe me as a crazy tying, expressive, visionary, motivated to manifest my thinking and style, I am lover of fashion, photography, art and color.

I love talking to my followers in a natural, close and very personal way of my style, trends, products, places, events, healthy food or other topics of interest.





Follower: 19k / Avg. Story Views: 5k / Avg. Comments: 30 / Avg. Likes: 1.2k



Increase traffic on your Instagram and make your products known.




Promote good nutrition to be in a healthy physical and mental state. Also, make known your nutrition services online.





Show a larger audience your new designs. A new concept that is more than fashion, which seeks to promote the value of unity and to stop smoking.



Increase your number of sales and Instagram following.



Promote your service or company as an online image consultant.


Prices and services offered


Brand Ambassador: Highlight all the good points of the brand especially those that my public seeks.

1 month, 4 publications in my feed in total 1 photo per week, 4 mentions in the history of Instagram 1 mention per week and 8 high resolution photographs for the brand, has a cost $160 in total, if you want a longer time Long is made a much more reasonable price.


Publicizing products, brands, places and services: Making the product part of my life or that my audience captures it that way, highlighting because I like to use it and what are its benefits, the price varies depending on what the brand wants.

1 publication of 7 days in my feed and 1 mention in my Instagram story, with 2 high resolution photos for the brand. $60

1 publication that lasts in my feed and a mention in my Instagram story, 2 high resolution photos for the brand. $80


If you want some exchange we can reach an agreement.